New Microsoft Office 365 License changes

What is changing?

Microsoft are changing their licensing model for office 365 platforms globally. All licences now have either a monthly commit with a 20% premium or annual commit

When do these changes take effect?

1st March 2022

What are the terms for new license subscriptions?

Licenses can be purchased on 1 month, 12 month or basis. Monthly arrangements offer the most flexibility but also carry a 20% premium

Can I change the number of licenses in my subscription?

You can increase the license count associated with your subscription at any time. The monthly charge will pro rate to accommodate the new quantity.  Reducing the number of licenses can only be done once per commitment.

Can I change my subscription mid-term?

Yes, although it depends on what you are upgrading from and to, as you can’t upgrade any license to any other license. Microsoft has specified ‘upgrade paths’ which determine which licenses can be upgraded to and from. Please email to check upgrades.

What happens when a subscription term ends?

The subscription will automatically renew for another term, and the license count in place at the time of the renewal will carry forward into the next term. If changes are required, you’re required to provide 30 days notice to prevent unwanted subscriptions being renewed.

Can I cancel my subscription mid-term?

Strictly speaking, yes you can ‘cancel’ a subscription mid-term, but you are still committed to settle the balance for the time left.

What is the new monthly subscription?

Flexibility to decrease licenses in any month at a price premium
Change license seats up and down month-to-month
Cancel in any month with no additional financial cost
Prices locked (Price Protection) in for 1 month
20% higher price compared to the annual subscription

What is the new Annual Subscription?

Fix license prices for 12 months and reduce user count at the end of term, if required
Increase user count at any time
Reduce licenses at the end of the annual term
Prices locked (Price Protection) in for 12 months
20% reduced priced compared to annual subscription

What happens if I do not submit my preferences?

If you do not submit your preferences by 25th June 2022 you will automatically be enrolled in the higher monthly rolling premium option.

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