Office 2011 for Mac discontinued

Still using Office 2011 for your Mac? We Recommend updating.


Office for Mac 2011 support has ended. Although office 2011 has always been a popular choice, security flaws detected in this version means it is easy for hackers to break into your Mac systems leaving your Mac vulnerable to attacks.

Don’t know which office version you are running?

If your icons look the same as the above, this is the 2011 version.

How do i upgrade?

Updating is easy, you have two options, upgrading to Office 2016, alternatively you can switch to Office 365.

Office 2016 – offers full support for MacOS High Sierra and will continue to have support until 2025.

Office 365 – A service based subscription, run the latest versions of office with all updates and security patches.


If you are unsure on what you need to be doing, call us on 01672552340 or email we can help you upgrade or switch to the latest software


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