OneDrive For Business Features

OneDrive for Business gives you access to your files, no matter what device you have. Fully synchronize your data between Windows and Mac, Android and Apple devices.

Including a huge 1TB of storage… Contact JP IT Solutions to get you set up.

Here are a few great features of OneDrive For Business


Advanced Sharing outside Your OrganizationImage result for onedrive for business sharing

OneDrive for Business is all about sharing, but the latest updates give you greater control of how this is done. While it has always been possible to share documents straight from OneDrive for Business to external parties, there’s now even more flexibility. You can now set expiry dates on a shared link, and can add permissions to who that link can be shared with.



Image result for selective sync oneSelective Sync

If you’re using a device with a small hard drive, you won’t have space for all those enormous files stored in your personal OneDrive for Business folder. Avoid filling your local disk up by choosing which files and folders get synced to that specific device.






Save Email Attachments Straight to OneDrive for Business

A major User Experience frustration of Outlook, in the past, was that saving attachments from emails into SharePoint involved too many steps. This is no longer the case with OneDrive for Business; you can simply right click on an email attachment, in the Outlook Web App, and save it straight into your chosen folder.


Use Your Mobile Devices

Organizations that use OneDrive for Business have the unique ability to access it on Windows Phone, Android and even Apple devices. While these apps are designed to be on-the-go versions of their desktop and web-based counterparts and therefore may not be as powerful, they do have some inherent capabilities that are beneficial on these devices.
For instance, you’re able to pin folders on an Android home screen so you can quickly access commonly used documents. You can also set up a PIN or use iOS TouchID for enhanced security when accessing your OneDrive accounts.

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