How to detect a fraudulent email :

1. Is the greeting different to usual? Is it to impersonal or is it maybe to formal?
2. Is there poor spelling or unusual grammar in the message?
3. Is the signature the same as usual? Is the branding sharp or blurred?
4. Hover the cursor over, or, right click on the sender name, and you should see the email address
behind it. Is the display name and email address correct? Is it what you are expecting?
5. Trying to rush you! Fraudsters will try to pressure you with time-sensitive offers, encouraging you to act
now or miss out. Don’t be fooled!
6. “This is the final notice – your password expires today”. This doesn’t happen – JP IT Solutions would
contact you if a password issue occurs.

Questions to ask yourself :-

1. Am I expecting the email?
2. Is the request relevant?
3. Requests for any sensitive info – would you normally be requested to send your client list to your team

Things to look out for/check from fraudsters :-

1. Do not ignore the “External banner” warning



2. Links – hover over them (do not click) – it will show the full URL of the link.
Does the link correlate to your client/supplier as expected eg could be fraudulent as
3. Do not use contact information in email to verify requests – you must use normal contact methods to
verify. If you cannot verify, then wait for authorisation.
4. Voicemails can also be targeted. Do not click through any links on voicemails until you have verified
where the voicemail has come from. Yours will always come from Unlimited Horizon.
5. Does the website you are viewing have the padlock in the browser?

Remember : –

Businesses do not change banks overnight – it takes time to change company details! Businesses don’t have
problems with bank accounts, so if you are asked to pay with alternative methods, ensure you use your business
authorisation process.
We hope that this helps you understand when a scam is a scam, but please contact us if you are unsure in any way

Remember : –

Businesses do not change banks or company details overnight – it takes time! Click on the below images for some examples of how Scam emails can appear.


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